“Revealing pianist […] A performance full of authority, eloquent and vigorous […] A radical pianistic allegation where dark, calm episodes are superimposed by real storms on the keyboard, with literal whacks and also dramatic gestures that make us think that, for a moment, the abstract painter Jackson Pollock became a pianist.”
Luis Meza, A.M. León, Gto. (Mexico)


“[…] She offered, with boldness and mettle, a powerful recital of complicated repertoire.”
A.M. at the FIAC


“We are in the presence of one of the best Mexican interpreters of contemporary music […] An amazing interpretation full of experimental sounds, new for most of the audience. An unparalleled sound experience.”
Evelia Gasca, Noticias Cacahuate, León Guanajuato (México)


“[…] She understands contemporary musical language very well and also enjoys it, being a pianist who does not have a hard time interpreting new languages and techniques.”
Benjamín Pacheco, A.M. Guanajuato, Gto. (Mexico)

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