It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my new digital album “Impressions… Improvisations…” – free improvisation quartet, with the wonderful musicians Lucie Delmas, Hector Javier Ayala and Diego Kohn.

Available on:

And Elektramusic label:

Originally from Argentina, Mexico and France, Diego Kohn, Hector Javier Ayala, Lucie Delmas and Anna Paolina Hasslacher offer a powerful and mixed music. Their improvisations are nourished by very diverse roots: we hear the echoes of contemporary music, Latin American folklore, baroque, jazz, as well as noise and experimental music. The lyricism is at the service of an abstract but melodious music, the complexity of its polyphony makes us think on choral and chamber music. It is surprising that this rare and precious combination of instruments, viola, electric guitar, percussion and prepared piano can release so much strength and energy. This free improvisation quartet seduces us with their extraordinary mastery of sound material: a dialogue of babel where all languages meet and unite. They tell us the story of the human condition, our pains and our hopes. They sing to us a nostalgic and luminous music at the same time.

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